I met Seea founder Amanda Chinchelli for coffee in 2012 to interview her for what would be one of the first published stories about her new Southern California swimwear brand, Seea. It’s pronounced ‘See-ah’,” she told me, her Italian accent pulling at the word like taffy. Seea is a line of sustainable, American-made surfwear that celebrates the female form, the power of community, and the beauty of nature. Seea is committed to using recycled fabrics and working toward full sustainability. I am a regular contributor to their blog and print magazine.

“Sri Lanka and Sweden may as well be different planets. The former is a tear-shaped patch of paradise in the Indian Ocean, healing from a bloody civil war, soaked in sunshine. The latter, windswept and boreal, is the type of paradise that necessitates thick neoprene and even thicker resolve…”